Sponsorships & Exhibits

Oncopeptides is committed to supporting the diverse Multiple Myeloma Community. As such, we consider requests to support activities or initiatives such as grants or sponsorships that provide Oncopeptides with a tangible benefit (e.g., logo placement, signage, etc.)  in exchange for financial support.

The requests must be aligned with our area of focus and be submitted by non-promotional, healthcare-related organizations such as foundations, professional or scientific associations, and patient advocacy groups by way of patient Education Grants for events, activities and initiatives which demonstrate our commitment to patients or communities.

No sponsorship provided by Oncopeptides is conditioned in any way on the use, purchase, prescription or recommendation of any current or future studies or products.

We request providers to submit their sponsorship proposals through our online grant application and allow at least 8 weeks from the date of submission for our response.

Before you start the application process in the grants portal, please note our requirement of the following documents to consider a sponsorship request:

How to prepare before you apply - FAQ

Who should I contact with questions regarding sponsorships?

Send your question(s) via email to advocacy-grants-us@oncopeptides.com.

Do you accept sponsorships requests throughout the year?

Yes, currently we are accepting proposals throughout the year

Should I submit rescoped sponsorships proposal via the grants portal?

No, please send rescope of proposals to advocacy-grants-us@oncopeptides.com

Is the new vendor information mandatory?

Yes, this is a one-time ask to enter the new provider information in our accounting system for payment against invoice

When should I expect a decision from Oncopeptides?

Oncopeptides would like at least 8 weeks from the date of submission to review the request and then respond